Monday, July 28, 2008

No Cats Were Harmed... the making of the video below. Tigger is alive and well and living comfortably with his sister, Betsy and the O's in Tallahassee. I just wanted to disclose that in case someone was thinking of reporting me to the ASPCA or PETA. Tigger is living the life he always dreamed.....away from Emmy.


{Anissa} said...

Love the picture -- they are so cute -- come check me out i'm trying to start Munching mama monday -- recipe sharing.

Midwest Mommy said...

I had to go watch the video, that is too funny.
Glad to hear he survived!

Adelaine said...

Awww I've always wanted an orange's about the only color of cat I don't have!

Only one of ours was initiated into kid world as a kitten. He's a bit skiddish around the kids but wants to rub all over them when they sleep. It's quite endearing.

Sonya said...

Silly kitties...think they can make friends with toddlers! :) I know ours don't lay on the floor anymore, they have chosen spots up high where my son can't lay on them! :)

Loved the posts!