Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Pirate's Life

We had a great time on Saturday. We celebrate Michael's 7th birthday. We did a pirate party theme. Boy, it's easy to get carried away with this one! I had so much fun planning everything. We dressed all the guests in pirate gear and tattoos when they arrived. They put Michael's gifts in a treasure chest that we made. We played several fun games. Even the food went along with our whole pirate theme. We had Peasant Fingers (pigs in a blanket), Crunch Cod Fish (goldfish), and Shark's Blood Punch (Hawaiian Punch/Sprite). My sister-in-law even found an awesome treasure chest pinata. At the end of the party we had a treasure hunt and the kids put a map together out of puzzle pieces that we cut and searched for the lost treasure. When they found it, all of the party favors were inside. Michael said he couldn't come up with just one thing that was his favorite part. He said the whole party was AWESOME! I guess we're onto something. Thanks for the encouragement, Robin. You really are my best friend! Love you.

Monday, April 14, 2008

We're Home

We are home from our very long, but very enjoyable vacation. It seems like we have been gone for a year. Why is it that a week at home goes by like nothing? A week away goes by fast, too, but when you return home it seems as though
you've missed something.....

Eric and I had a wonderful time in St. Augustine. I would recommend a stay at the World Golf Village to anyone! It was worth the time spent listening to the spiel (sp?). Bluegreen Resorts, where we stayed, is a Time-Share of sorts. It doesn't work exactly the same as other time shares, which is a good thing. I think when Eric and I are in better shape, financially, we will probably consider investing in Bluegreen.

We ate at some great restaurants. Italian, Seafood, Mexican......all were excellent. If you are ever in St. Augustine, I would strongly recommend O.C. White's on the intercoastal. It is one of the best seafood places I have ever been to. The Crabby Mahi is incredible!

On Friday, we toured St. Augustine on the Old Town Trolley. It was well worth the money, if you want to see the town. We ate at a great Mexican place for lunch. I love Mexican food. It's probably my favorite thing to eat. We ate on the deck and got to see dolphins swimming in the inter coastal.
It was really neat!

The kids also enjoyed themselves at Grandma's and Pipa's. They had a blast playing in the pool and spending time with Brandon (our nephew). Brandon turned 3 on the 4th and we started our trip by attending his party. Then on Sunday afternoon we went to my cousin's home to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. It was great to see everyone. We don't get together very often, so it was very nice to be able to go.

All in all, it was a great week. Eric and I actually sang Karaoke at the resort. I never thought I would get him to do that, but he really enjoyed it. We met some really neat people, too.

Well, back to reality. My house is a disaster and I'm hosting a Princess House party this evening. I better get off my duff and get to cleaning!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off to Golf

Not really. Eric and I don't golf! Yuck.....:) (That one's for Jase!)

Actually, Eric and I are going to stay at the World Golf Village for a few days. We are celebrating our belated 10 year anniversary. It will actually be 10 years and 1 month from the date we set sail on our honeymoon cruise. That's an anniversary of sorts.... This will be the first time Eric and I have been away together on a romantic adventure since our honeymoon. I'm really looking forward to it. Our kids are staying with Grandma and Pipa for spring break. My nephew, Brandon (see "I'm So Blogging About This") turned 3 yesterday. He is having a birthday party today and hopefully we will get there before it's over. Our kids are already there, but Eric and I had to stay behind for a funeral for a 17 year old student who was in my Sunday School Class. Please pray for the Nunley family as they grieve for their son and brother.

Bloggers, please pick up the slack while I'm gone! Ya'll are gettin' lazy! :)