Monday, June 9, 2008

Patches, The Miracle Kitty

I know they say cats have nine lives, and I think Patches has lived through at least seven already. Allow me to explain. As many of you know, our outside kitty, Joey, had 4 kittens about 2 months ago. They have been romping around our yard and getting a tad bit rebellious. Yesterday, I did a head count and saw that all 4 kittens were up on the deck. I always like to make sure they are accounted for before I back my van out. Apparently, my hubby forgot to do the same because mid-afternoon came and Patches could be heard meowing underneath Eric's church.........3 miles from our house! Can you say Survivor? Well, we brought the little puffball home and pampered her for a while in the A/C. So, today I made sure to check underneath my van before leaving to go back to church......VBS starts tonight. In the midst of hanging a much needed backdrop for the sanctuary, a student named Kyle came in and informed me that while mowing the lawn, his dad found our kitten along the road to the church!!! How she has now survived two 50mph, 3 mile trips, only the Lord knows!

SuperKitty!!! Look at that face!


gideonmommasita said...

Crazy with a capitol K! Much better than my smokin dead squirrel story.

CroppinRobin said...

i'll expect an obituary tomorrow....isn't that 8 lives already?

Michael said...

That is why Tiger is an indoor kitty. To much can happen outside.