Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging is the New Email

I can't believe how quickly blogging has caught on within my little circle of friends. It started with two chubby chics chatting and just like the Florida wildfires, boooooom! I actually caught my husband trying to set his up this morning! I love it! This, to me, is such a great way to share who I really am. Those of you who know me best have already discovered I am an open book anyway. I wear my feelings on my sleeve. However, I love having this outlet to share my life experiences with anyone who cares to inquire.

I have discovered, since I started this venture, things about my closest friends that I never knew. For example, my friends are great writers! I truly relish every entry I read in their blogs. I also didn't know that DeeDee's parents made the most important decision anyone can make before they depart this planet. I concur with Sara that even though we may not see each other everyday, when we reunite, it's just as though we were never apart. My friends are also extremely creative! Check out Emily's pics! I love her idea and I wish I had thought of it. We are truly "fearfully and wonderfully made." God has gifted each of us with different talents and abilities. I love that I can learn things from other people. God didn't create me to know everything. He created me to need Him first and He also created me to need others. That's what really makes our lives what they are. I would not be who I am without what I have learned from my family and friends. God is sooooo good. How can people not see that? If you have a broken fellowship with Him it may be hard to recognize how good He is. Sin keeps us from seeing things clearly. Anytime I allow sin to creep in and destroy my fellowship, I don't value the goodness of God. Jesus gave His all for me, why can't I seem to give my all for Him? That's the burning question................Melissa


Jena said...

Awesome...nice job, well said.

CroppinRobin said...

Totally agree....and love the quote on top, under title.
Who knew we were such great writers.

CroppinRobin said...

Yuck....hate the color....were you feeling poopy yesterday?

Famous Amos said...

Well said we should push Bro. Eric off the pulpit every once in a while and let you take a turn!!! You're fabulous and I love you :)