Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Had To Know....

...I was going to post some first day of school pics. Faye could not keep us away from the first day. No way. I couldn't pass up that opportunity to be poetic.

So, we got 2 of our 3 children off to school yesterday. Now they're home today. How does that work? It's not funny. I know you're probably "tee-hee"ing on the other side of the screen at my tease of a break from the madness that makes my life blogworthy.

One day of school and BAM! We're all together again.

They cancelled school because of this "rain" that they think will develop into a "severe" thunderstorm. I hope I'm not being too carefree about what this tropical thing will do, but I get a little ancy when I get all geared up for having some "me and Emmy" time and well, some "just me" time, and then......lock down.
Okay, enough whining. My kids had a great first day of school.

Lauren was so cute as she hung up her backpack and sat in her seat. Her teacher had a story book at every seat and Lauren's favorite book, The 3 Little Pigs was at her's. Eric started reading it to her and she was just fine for us to be on our way. It was such a sweet good-bye. No crying. A little puking later in the day, but we just think her lunchable disagreed with her. She's fine now.

Michael has become old-hat at this now. He started 2nd grade and went right in and seem to do very well. He said his teacher is very nice and she does seem to be very well organized (my observation).

I love that it is a Christian school where they will be taught God's word everyday and prayer is an integral part of everything they do.

I can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Lauren with her teacher, Mrs. Johnson

Lauren giving daddy good-bye kisses

Emmy, Me (oh my gosh, I have bedhead, okay? I'm over it.) and Lauren

Aren't these just the most precious chillens you have ever seen. Bertiful! Hallelujer! (That's Madea-ese, in case you didn't know)

If you don't know Madea and her family, you must be introduced.


Shelley said...


Looks like things got off to a great start. School is still in session here today (Thursday) until half day and then we have to go get them. (I wonder if they will keep them if we don't show up). Just kidding.... And they cancelled school for tomorrow. What's up with that? It's gonna rain for pete's sake. It rains all the time in Florida.
Im like you, I hope I'm not being too carefree about this, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I hope they don't cancel gymnastics. I am really gonna hate being stuck in this house if they take away what she has been looking foward to all week. YIKES!!!

I love Madea - as you know - hallelujer.

You should have been at choir practice last night. I looked like someone trying to catch a greased hog while trying to turn the pages of the song book to keep up with the experienced members. You would have loved it....I laughed so hard

Lula! said...

Love the pictures...the one of Eric kissing Lauren was my favorite.

I took a ton of pictures this morning...and didn't cry a bit. 'Til Caroline screamed after Libbey as we walked out of the classroom door. "I not leave Sissy--I not leave her--PLEASE!" Um...ok, had to tear up a bit. And then Mama cried...we are pitiful.

Is Faye hitting y'all hard or what? Keep me posted!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh this is when I miss teaching so much! Those first day jitters adn getting to know each other.
Glad they did good!

Shelley said...


Go on over to my blog and check out my Easy as 1-2-3 chicken recipe I posted for the SITS recipe contest.

Kori said...

Oh the pictures are awesome. And I think the Daddy and Lauren picture should be photoshopped to black and white. It's precious.

Hope you don't get washed away with all the rain. I need to call and check on my dad. Ok let us know how it turns out.

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Glad to see they had a good day! We are watching Fay to it has it coming toward Louisiana next week! Hope she just dies out! She has been dummping some rain over there.

Adelaine said...

Awww what a sweet family you have!! It looks like our kids are around the same age :)

You will have to look at my blog for our first day story.

Be safe hanging out with Faye!

Susan said...

Canceling school for the threat of a thunderstorm??? That never happened when I was a student or teacher in South Florida.
Glad the first day went well. I always miss teaching this time of year. The nervous excitement of it was a feeling I miss, though I love being home with my darlings.
Hallelujer for the start of school!

Caroline said...

Such cute pictures! That's great they're in such a good school and enjoyed the first day at least. Hopefully the "rain event" will be over soon and you'll get on with your new normal daytime routine. I know me some Madea and loves her! Diary of a Mad Black Woman is so funny!

CroppinRobin said...

love the new glasses...very hip, chic, fashionable...hey, i just described me....
no, really, they look good on you.