Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Pathway to Rome~By Beth Moore

The following bible study is taken from "To Live Is Christ" By Beth Moore:

Romans 6:1-23

We are Slaves to Righteousness:

  1. By reminding ourselves we are DEAD to sin (v. 11). ***Sin has no hold on you except that which you give it permission to have.
  2. By deliberately resisting the reign of sin (v. 12).
  3. By deliberately offering ourselves to God (v. 13; 12:1) ***Refuse Satan the right to have authority over you.
  4. By knowing our rights as those united with Christ (v. 14; Gal. 5:1). ***It is our right in Christ to be FREE!
  5. By not misapplying the doctrine of GRACE (v. 15). ***Salvation is a gift. Holiness is a pursuit.
  6. By realizing no substitute exists for whole-hearted obedience in our quest to be free from slavery to sin (v. 17). ***This one spoke directly to me!!!
  7. By facing the weakness of our natural selves (v. 19).
  8. By acknowledging the ever-increasing nature of wickedness (v. 19).
  9. By never forgetting the powerless feeling of being out of control (v. 20). (Moms, can I get a HOLLA or Hallelujer?)
  10. By counting the cost of slavery to sin (v. 21).
  11. By recognizing the benefit of slavery to God (v. 22; Micah 7:8, 18-19).

***Do the right thing, until your heart feels the right thing.

This was taken from a video session in the bible study I'm currently going through. I felt sick to my stomach while I was watching it because I knew God was dealing directly with me. I want to share this with you in the hopes that God will deal with you where you need dealing. If we are in Christ, we always need a little dealing with.


oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

I love Beth Moore, I would love to see her in person. I've watched her on tv before I love the way she speaks.

Josh said...

Great stuff to remember. It's all stuff most are aware of, but she puts it together in such a way to make it practical.

It reminds me of two things:

1. The statement "Helping Christians live more SIMPLE, SEPARATE, and DELIBERATE lives to the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom," from the Highlands Study Center, and

2. A quote from Ken Sande's book The Peacemaker, "Faithfulness is not a matter of results; it is a matter of dependent obedience."

Thanks for the post.

Shelley said...

Hey Melissa,

Thanks for the post. It really is helpful. Here's my HOLLA and my hallelujer.

Lula! said...

Beth More...sigh...she needs to be our friend, don't you think?

I loved number 5--"salvation is a gift, hohliness is a pursuit." And number 9..."powerless." Wow, that's GOOD. And true.

I'm thankful God deals with me, even when it makes me sick.