Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Night Twilight

I have finished a quarter of the ever popular Twilight series.

I must say, there aren't very many books that can hold my attention for very long. I won't usually read very long before I get distracted by other goings on around me.

This book was different. I started it last Monday evening and I finished it early this morning (Monday August 18th)....about 1 a.m. or so.... That's fast for me.

I have never read an entire book in one day.

I don't think I ever will.

I'm really not a bookworm.

I'm more of a booksnacker.

I take a bite.

Put it down.

Graze a little more.

Put it down.

Forget that I'm reading it.

Then I have to start over because I can't just pick back up where I left off.
I usually never start over, though. I don't want to reread everything. So, most of the books I've "read" never get "read".

Twilight was different.

Maybe I'm different.

My kids are getting older. I'm able to steal a few moments here and there. I can actually go to the bathroom and leave my kids unattended for a few minutes.

I did read more before I had children.

I was able to.

No distractions.

No diapers.

No messes, unless I made them.

Maybe that's what I love about this book. It takes me back to that feeling of new love. Before it gets complicated with life.
Don't get me wrong, Bella and Edward have complicated down to a tee.
But it's different.

Different than my complicated.

I can escape into someone else's drama that is polar opposite of mine.

That's it. That's what I love about this book. Thank you Stephanie Meyer. Thank you for not once mentioning my complicated life in your story of true love. Thank you for straying as far away as possible from the life that is mine. That's what will keep me coming back for more.


angie said...

I love how you described yourself as a book snacker. I just started New Moon. I'll get to Twilight eventually! :)

Debbie said...

I am a booksnacker, too. I get so distracted with other things. Or here's another problem I have. I read a book and don't want it to end because I like it so much that I take my sweet time savoring every word of it. As usual, you put a smile on my face. I can start my day now ;)

Lula! said...

SO GOOD, Melissa...you described your take on this quite succinctly. I love it!

OK, start reading New Moon so we can discuss more, please.

My obsession to these books is not as ridiculous as I make it sound...I just rather love them. A lot.

p.s. You used one of my FAVE shots from the movie production...'cause you know...Chapter 13...the meadow...oh it slays me...sigh...

Susan said...

I struggle with whether I will like the Twilight Series. I guess I should just give it a try. It is the vampire thing that is hanging me up. I can't imagine that I would get into that kind of story line. That and my 18 year old sister-in-law loves the series and I find it hard to believe that we would like the same kind of books. I am sure I will fall eventually and just give it a try. I love books that are so good you can't put them down, though it is hard to find that kind of time these days.

Heather said...

*big sigh* I loved it too. I mean I REALLY loved it. I'm glad you had some free time to read.

Marrdy said...

I am almost done with Breaking Dawn and I don't want it to end. I agree the love story is the clincher. Romantic love is the best, it just takes alot of work.

Heather said...

To be able to feel 17 again in this 34 year old body...that is why I love Stephenie Meyer and all that is Twilight. I devoured the first book, slowed down on the second, and have put the brakes on with Breaking Dawn. I just don't want it to end. But I find myself thinking about Edward and Bella as if they are real people, wondering what they are doing now. Crazy, I know. But that is the power of a great book. To get lost in something not of this world, to forget about your life for awhile. I love that!

Simply AnonyMom said...

I am so glad you liked it. I am this close to getting it.

You won an award. http://simplyanonymom.blogspot.com/2008/08/and-award-goes-to.html

CroppinRobin said...

don't think i can...don't think i will. i wouldn't come up for air for days....no dinner, no laundry, no nothing....
well, that doesn't sound too different than my normal life.
actually, i think i'll just read the melissanotes version; great post.

Rachel said...

so my hubby just put in a request for all these books in our local lib system.... might take a while before they are available but I feel I should join in the craze...

im in a funny stage of life right now... I lost my son... then immediately became a full time caregiver for 5 abused and neglected toddler boys... Loved them every minute... had NO time for myself....

moved out into an apartment with my hubbby and have all the time in the world for me... I miss the babes.... But sooner than later we will have our foster babes...

"the paperwork sigh"

Casey's trio said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your comment on my guest post over at Angie's place. I hope you'll come by and visit my blog sometime.

I just started Twilight a couple of days ago and I'm enjoying it also! I don't think it will take me too long to finish it either:)I have heard so many positive reviews from mommy bloggers about this series.

Caroline said...

Is he touching her boob in that picture? I'm just sayin'.