Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay, I'm such a wannabe. I don't think original ideas exist. It's all a matter of timing. We may look original to those around us, but there is always somebody before us who paves the way. Hence, my newest bandwagon jump.........Twilight. I am only about 75 pages into this delicious tale of love and apples and ummm rain....but I must say.......Edward is a babe.

Like I needed another addiction. Thanks Lula, Heather and other contributors to my sickness. See, it's always someone else's fault. So, when I'm totally locking myself in the bathroom to try and get my fix, pray for me....:)


{Anissa} said...

You see now everyone has been talking about this book -- I guess i will have to break down and get it -- but me with a good book can't put it down so i'm afraid to start reading it. My kids school work may suffer because's mommy wants to read. LOL

Lula! said...


Melissa jumped on our Twilight Train! Sound the horn! I am so proud. This is a momentous occasion. Oh, but it is.

Commence with the reading...then we'll discuss and share and fawn and rant and rave! It will be a good time.

p.s. I'm certain there's a town called Melba out there. If a famous jazz singer can be named Melba Moore, surely there's a town with your maiden name on our planet somewhere!

Josh said...

I've not read the books, but after reading all the hype for the latest book I did a bit of web surfing to try to understand it. The best observation I found regarding the series was by a church youth leader who asked this question: As a parent, is this the type of relationship (Bella's and Edward's) you desire for your teenage daughter?

Just my two cents.

angie said...

I've only read Twilight, but I DEVOURED it. I'm impatiently waiting for NEw Moon to become available at the library.

Simply AnonyMom said...

I have not joined the bandwagon...yet...but hubby is mentioning an interest so we will see ;)

I tagged you. Check out my blog for deatils. (if you want to do it)

CroppinRobin said...

i'm out of the loop...haven't even heard of it. i'll have to google it.

Simply AnonyMom said...

I am soooo sorry. I am embarassed and started blushing when I read your comment. Hubby asked why and just couldn't understand.

I also have been called the wrong name my whole life. maybe mom and dad just named us the wrong thing?