Friday, August 15, 2008

The Answer.....

Well, a lot of you guessed the right answer.

Emily called out to me from the bathroom this afternoon. "Mom, come here!"

She had done her duty and needed to be wiped. As I am walking down the hall to the her, I see Lauren's and Michael's toothbrushes (not hers, mind you) on the floor at her feet.....

So, I said, "Emily, why are these on the floor?"

To which she innocently replies, "I don't know."

I proceeded to pick them up and they were soaking wet. "Emily, did you put these in the toilet?" I asked.

Eyes now on the floor, Emily says, "Yeeeess."

I am now visibly upset and I say, "Emily, you put their toothbrushes in the toilet?"

Then her answer changes to, "Noooo?"

One of these days all these little stories will make me chuckle and giggle and miss her being this age....for now all they do is help me have tons to blog about. Therapy. Good. Therapy.


♥Anissa♥ said...

oh my god I would of died -- My son would of throw up. Oh well that's what kids are for to make us laugh.

Simply AnonyMom said...

Ummmm...hopefully you had extras?

My kids think it is cool to use my toothbrush. Makes me want to get sick. I get a new toothbrush about once a week. I buy cheap because of it.

angie said...

At least they weren't clogging the toilet! :)

lmrn_ny said...

Thanks for that story! Made me laugh out loud! I had a crappy day at work today...I needed that