Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Hilarity

My 4 1/2 year old gets in the van after, yes, her 3rd Vacation Bible School and informs us that a little boy in her class was so mean to her. This is recap of that encounter:

Lala: "There was a boy in my class that said something very mean to me!"

Me: "Oh really? What did he say, hunny?"

Lala: "He said I was HOT!"

Me and Daddy: (snickering)

Daddy: "Yeah, that was mean. You better stay far away from



Karen said...

I didnt think we'd be thinking about this stuff until they were at LEAST 14!! If it makes you feel better, my daughter "is in love with the letter guy" (yup, that would be the mailman). "His name is Andy and they are gonna get married but dont tell Daddy cuz she is 'posed ta marry him" At least your little luv bug is in the right age bracket!!!!

Caroline said...

Is there no such thing as childhood innocence anymore? Keep her under lock and key.

Oh, and thanks for saying my story is better than the rose ceremony on Bachelor. Maybe I should try to see it to ABC!

Lula! said...

Her daddy is a wise, wise man. For sure.

Breanne Vasquez said...

Yes, Keep her away. How do they know this stuff? Maegan said...

aahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. hilarity!

Lane Boyz Mom said...

OHH Let's hope she thinks that is mean for a long, long time to come, huh? LOL