Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caught, Black-Handed

Okay, they weren't really caught, but a childhood friend of mine, who I keep in touch with through beloved blogging has joined the effort to bring these coons to justice. Karen has a developing story for us.........Karen? (that's your cue to click the link)


angie said...

Love the teaser with the link. So clever.

I think being on your Honeymoon gives you a free pass to miss all the good stuff......outside that is. :)

{Anissa} said...

That was funny -- cute story I wish i could come up with stuff like that.

Simply AnonyMom said...

Sorry your boys lost their chickens.

Very cute way to post. Your friends follow up was very cute.

Hopefully them dern 'coons lerned their lesson!

Veggie Mom said...

When we moved in our house several years ago, it had been vacant for awhile. We spent quite some time trying to evict the resident racoons. They're stubbon devils, aren't they?