Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lawn Mowing and Chicken Pens

Wow, I feel quite a sense of accomplishment. I mowed my lawn for the first time ever. Come to think of it.....I've never pushed or ridden a lawn mower before in my life. It was fun. I never thought I would say such things about manual labor. I'm what you would call an "indoor girl." My hubby is quite the opposite. He is always outside. He's a doer, I'm a thinker, well, actually, I'm more of a contemplater (is that a word? spell check says no.)
Our chickens are very close to having a safe haven. Eric, the great outdoors man, spent a good portion of today constructing a chicken pen. We have 4 hens left and they are supposed to lay eggs, but we haven't seen many. Until today........Eric uncovered his saw and discovered about 15 eggs! The hens have been hiding them.
I took the kids swimming today and boy was that fun!!! I'll just say it's a little something I like to call "Sensory Overload!" Trying to watch 3 kids in the pool is a challenge. I constantly feel my eyes moving! A word of advice to you parents who would even think about taking 3 children swimming by's a stupid idea.
At least the water tires them out.......bedtime was a snap.
I'm tired and ready to say nighty night! Until next time.......Melissa

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CroppinRobin said...

Only complaint....where is a photo of the chicken coop????