Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Asked For It...

Actually, I asked you, to ask me, but technically......well are the answers to your somewhat probing questions......

Hot Tub Lizzy (My Secret Agent Friend....:) asks:

What's your biggest pet peeve about being a pastor's wife?

I think one of the biggest pet peeves is the unrealistic expectations from people. My kids are unruly just like yours. My husband and I argue, just like everyone else. The Holy Bible doesn't sit as a center piece on our coffee table. We don't even have a coffee table.

We have been very blessed with our church family. They accept us just the way we are. Flaws and all.

Living in a glass fish bowl does get wearing, but it keeps us aware that, at any time, someone should be able to walk into our home and not find anything that would make them question our sincerity as believers in Christ. Jesus sees it all anyway.

Do you prefer hot drinks or cold?

I love me some hot java, but really ice is a must in pretty much everything else. Even milk.

Silver or Gold?

Both. Mostly gold. I may start selling off the stuff I don't wear anymore, though. Do you know how much gold is going for these days? Whooo. My mom took some old gold jewerly to a gold exchange and got $700!!!

Do you like plaid?

Girl, if you were to open up my closet right now, it would be like looking at one of those optical illusions. Plaid is so FETCH!

Yes....yes. I like plaid.

My kin sister by way of a redheaded child, Caroline, was very curious:

* Please explain how it is that mothers taking care of children who are pooping and vomiting their guts out never get sick?

I wasn't so fortunate. I puked my guts out last night. I had this question answered yesterday in a totally different way, but I guess I counted my chunks before they hurled.

* What is your favorite restaurant and your favorite thing to while dining there?

My favorite restaurant would have to be anything Mexican! Chicken Enchiladas with refried beans and rice. Extra sour cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q-Doba is definitely in the top 5.
Great Question, Caroline!

* If the Vice President died, who would be left to be President?

That would be, Who is the Speaker of the House, Alex. A bleak outlook in Nancy Pelossi. Yuck!

* If I were to vote for neither of the presidential candidates, would Huckabee win?

Oh, I so wish so, my dear. We can live in that dream together, 'kay?

* What IS the hardest part of living the life in ministry?

Finding workers. It's hard to do everything yourself and that's not the way God designed it to be. I can't just say, "Honey, I don't feel like going to church today. Let's just sleep in." I wish all believers had that same sense of responsibility.

* How many fingers am I holding up?

Thanks for the sign language, Caroline. I love you, too.

* If you drink coffee, do you add the cream and sugar first before pouring the coffee or after pouring?

Sugar before.

Cream after.

No doubt, the only right way.

My coffee can't be too dark(too strong) or too light(too weak), it must be just right. The only way to ensure perfect color is to add milk until it looks like a camel's coat.

Sugar gets added before, because that never changes. 3 spoonfuls. Yes, I'm begging to go into some sort of diabetic coma, but it's a survival technique. Come live a day in Paradise and then see if you're still gasping in shock and shagrin. It's the only way I can type 154 words per minute. (I'm totally lying about that last remark, but my justification for how much sugar I use just doesn't really hold much water.)


My dear friend, who doesn't laugh ever (today's opposite day :), Shelley a.k.a. Gigglebox asks:

Why is the sky called blue?
God said so.

Do you see green the same way I do?

I was always told green is the true color of love :) or was that "lust"? Is that the way you see it? Nerd.

Why? To maintain my Proverbs 31 status, I must abstain from answering.....:D

What is up with all the word verifications I have to do just to leave a comment?

It's to keep all those yucky people from trying to leave me yucky comments, like "You wanna join my blog cult? Click here."


Angie, my favorite clown from the Circus asks:

What's your favorite childhood memory?

That would have to be the Girls' trip to Georgia with my mom and my sis when I gave a foot concert on the dashboard singing the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. (Another post entirely) My toes are very talented.


Ronnica, a woman on a mission (seriously, check this girl out):

What's the biggest blessing you or your family has received from your congregation?

I don't think I could pin it down to one. We have been very blessed by our church family. Pastor Appreciation is a big deal is this church. They make us feel very loved. They also celebrate our Anniversary with the church every year.


My wacky childhood friend, Karen, is killin' me with this question:

How come it was OK for Mrs.Majors to sit at her desk and eat fried chicken and mashed potatos all day long (all the while licking her fingers), but if we were caught chewing gum, we got detention??......

All I can say you see any resemblance??? Just darken the hair and add mashed potatoes and Voila! Mrs. Majors. "Chill'ren, spit that gum out befo I send yo butt down to Mr. Robinson's office."


My new friend, Kori, was quite curious. Please click her name and go see her beautiful family. She has been such a blessing to me.

Favorite color?

Earth Tones (does that count?)

Favorite vacation spot?

Tallahassee( I know that sounds silly, but I love that town. More because of who lives there. My BFF)

Favorite Bible Verse?

Galatians 5:1 "It is for freedom Christ has set up free. Stand firm then, and do not be burdened any longer by a yoke of slavery."

Favorite candy?

Hershey bar with almonds

pencils or pens?

Black Ink Pens

favorite smell?


gum or mints?

Just wanna give a little shout out for Extra Berry Pearadise

ketchup or mustard?


pepsi or coke?

Wild Cherry Pepsi


Anissa, my little bumble bee with the cutest, dimpliest child I've ever seen asks:

Why do the stars twinkle?

To quote Pumba from the Lion King "I always thought they were balls of gas burning millions of miles away." Timon: "Pumba, everything with you is gas."


Lula. How does one describe in words??? My Twin. on....:

If you could go back to any moment in history, where would you go?

To the time my grandfathers were alive.

Why? I never knew either of them.

What fictional character would you spend an evening of passion with, if God allowed it?
(You so know my answer to this one!)

A fictional version of my hubby. :) I know. I'm no fun.

Why don't others understand that Twin Peaks was a truly awesome show?

Lula, this is a question that has plagued me for centuries years (I'm really not a vampire). I can hear the music playing in my head as I type and I'm shivering.

If you could be a guest on any television talk show, whose couch would you sit on?

Okay, I know I will receive some flack for this, but Ellen. I totally love her show. Not so much recently, but just to dance across the coffee table.....

Do pastors live in glass houses? ('Cause small town doctors certainly do!)

Oh yes. Quick story. When Eric and I were single and in ministry we used to eat supper sitting at the couch. Very informal. We would watch TV and we would prop our plates on the arms of the couch. To do this, we had to sit on opposite ends of the couch. We had a big picture window, which the couch was right up against. One night at church, one of the girls from our youth group came up to me and asked me if Eric and I had a fight. I told her no. "Why do you ask?" She informed me that when she drove by our house the day before, she saw us sitting on seperate ends of the couch and she thought we weren't speaking to one another. Glass house? Oh yeah.


Hi Staci Here, i surfed over from the Hot Tubb...

Okay have you read "The Shack"?

No, I haven't. But I'm intrigued.

If not have you heard of it?

Not until now.

If you have heard of it do you plan on reading it?

I would like to find out more about it. I will be researching it. That's for sure.

And if you have heard of it what do you think of the conterversy surrounding the book?

Yikes. I just read some of it and I don't like the sounds of it. I will have to do some more research. I just read a little of one article so it will take me more time. Sounds like a future post, hey?


Adelaine, who must be totally stressed trying to rake her leaves (click to see what I mean) asks:

Who in your family has Celiac Disease?

This is still a mystery. I have done some research on both sides and haven't found anyone else with it. I know they say it's hereditary, but I may never know.....

Was your husband called to the ministry before or after you were married? And what were your feelings about his calling?


I've been on board 100% the entire time. I consider myself his co-laborer in our ministry.


Dee Dee, my BFF's mom and my spiritual guru (jk, but seriously, my mentor!!! I love you, Sara):

I'd like to hear the answer to the question about Ms. Majors. And didn't she threaten to "cut your butt off"?

I think she goes down as the worst teacher in history for that one. And I believe the term she used was "Yo butt!" (I can hear you laughing Sara, and I'm laughing because of it.)

And did she ever teach you anything besides BAD MANNERS?

She taught me how to suck on my teeth after eating corn on the cob. It's very bad manners to have food stuck in your teeth, Sara.

2nd - What did you and Robin used to do that I never knew?

You dropped us off at a high school soccer game and we walked over the Glades Road bridge and went to a Chinese restaurant. We walked back to the game and you picked us up. (Our escapades always involved food. Nothing's changed.)

3rd - I'm with the blogger that wants to know WHY DO I HAVE TO TYPE WORD VERIFICATIONS just to comment on your blog when I have known you since you were in the 3rd grade?

How can I really know it's you.........hmmmmmmmmm?


gideonmommasita said...

HolyCow that was a lot of questions and a lot of cute answers.

Caroline said...

Poor little Thumper! I didn't get to read that until today. RIP little buddy! Okay, your answers were great. However, I need to point out one discrepancy. If the VP died, the president would still be president. I didn't mention anything happening to him. Trick question! tee hee. And if Pelosi were President, I think we'd need Medea in a BIG way. AND, my sister had a teacher named Mrs. Majors for 5th grade. I wonder if they were related? Hmmmmm...

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

If you get a bill from Wachovia Securities for a new keyboard it's because I just spewed Dt Mt. dew all over mine when you said "Counted my chunks before they hurled"

Lordy girl, you are HYSTERICAL!!!

Kori said...

Love the answers. I am so glad we stumbled upon each other. I think you are truly wonderful.

Lula! said...

Sooooooooooooooooo hilarious. So fun to read. You need to do this again. I have too many comments about your answers, so I'll just send ya another long, rambling e-mail and call it a day.

Susan said...

I am totally with you on the steps to creating the perfect cup of coffee.
As far as The Shack...I just read it on vacation after a suggestion from a Christian friend of mine. I think this is a better evaluation of the book.
I didn't find it objectionable and actually really enjoyed the fictional tale.

angie said...

I really, really enjoyed getting to know you better through these questions.

Ronnica said...

This'll be random, cuz it's my comments that I wrote as I read your post.

I have a friend who was a PK and it wasn't a pleasant experience for her (as far as the living in a fishbowl goes). It's definitely something to think about considering I may be marrying a minister (or a soon-to-be minister) someday.

I'm totally with you on your answer to "If I were to vote for neither of the presidential candidates, would Huckabee win?" If only.

"I wish all believers had that same sense of responsibility." Amen.

Aww, thanks for the sweet commentary. And for answering my question. I'm seriously trying to think of ways to be a blessing to my pastors, staff, and their families.

Oh, and for what it's worth here's my review of the Shack:
I also linked to some other reviews I found helpful.

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Those were great! Loved your answer to my question: Much Love From Queen Bee

Karen said...

One of the most important lessons learned in Ms. Majors class was the art of humiliation. She made us stand at the board (while she smacked on her chicken) and would put up these ridiculous LOOOOONG division problems and make us stand there and do it. Problem was that she never taught us how to do it, so we were clueless. I can remember standing at the up there crying and feeling SO humiliated!!! I hope our mothers are HAPPY!! Putting us thru such torture (ok, that was a little extreme...)
And I dont remember her threatening to cut off yo butt?!?!?

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Excellent, fun post!

Kate said...

Hello!!! Just dropping by from My Life as a CFers Wife...saw your blog name and had a chuckle!!! :) We share just about the same name...what can we say, great minds think alike?! :D

I have SOO enjoyed reading this post and learning more about are a hoot! LOVE Tyler Perry, Madea btw! Love Hershey w/ almonds bars too...yummy!

Anyways, it's lovely to meet you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! God bless...

Dee Dee's Diary said...

Thanks for all the honest answers. I just loved reading them and YES I am laughing. Jason and I always said that you and Robin missed your TRUE CALLING...FOOD CRITICS. You could have been great at that...both enjoying the fine dining and then writing about it...Robin's English Lit degree and your HUMOR would have been just the right mix...and you could have both been doing what you truly love...EATING OUT!
I love you, too, Melissa.
Did I ask who won the soccer game or wonder why you smelled like egg rolls?