Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Soccer Season

Eric is coaching Michael's soccer team this year. He is so good with the kids. I can't wait until the games start.
We will have good water running to our house very soon! I can't wait. No more staining and iron in the water. It will be nice to be able to drink water right from the tap. I can't wait to take a shower and not come out smelling like metal! I can't wait to be able to run the dishwasher and the clothes washer at the same time! I can even give the kids a bubble bath! Our water doesn't allow soap to lather! It's been very frustrating! Eric is seen here digging the trench to the house to run the water and electric lines. What a chore that was! I know he will be glad when all this is over.


lmrn_ny said...

Wow...digging the trenches for the water. You guys have really been working hard on that house. It is beautiful from the pictures you've shown!

Melissa said...