Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Long, But Worth The Read

I love this new thing Robin showed me. I can have my own playlist on my blog. I have been adding songs for the past 2 hours. It's crazy. I'm sure for all you internet savvy folks, this is old news, but I'm so excited! I love music. It's definitely one of my passions. I believe it's where the Lord truly wants me to focus my talents for Him. I love it when the Lord leads, because He always shows you what step to take. When we are out of fellowship, that's when it becomes difficult to know what He desires. I am praying specifically that God would give me a stronger desire to obey Him. It's all about Him, anyway.
I am praising Him tonight for my patience with my children. I really tried to praise them when they obeyed. I have an easy time letting them know when they do the wrong thing, but it's hard for me to always recognize all the good things they do. I find, I enjoy them more when I praise them for making good decisions. It's helping me to be a better mom. I am just praying every day that I will accept whatever God brings my way. How we respond to our circumstances reveals what we believe about God. I know I don't believe Him for enough. I'm working on that through His strength.
I have a praise, I didn't spend a whole lot of time watching TV. I did spend a little too much time on the computer. I took time for the Lord, but not enough. I am learning to be still before Him. That's difficult for me. I have a short attention span. Ask my husband.
I am just so thankful that Christ saved me. Has He saved you? I pray that He has. If not, why not get right with God, now? First, you must admit that you have messed up in life. This separates us from the perfect, Holy God. God, however, provided a way to restore the relationship that we destroyed. Jesus Christ. He came to earth, lived a sinless life, and then He offered His life to take our place in death. We deserved death, but He died instead. He took our punishment, so we wouldn't have to be punished for our sin. Thank God, Jesus didn't stay dead, though. He conquered death. That's something we could never do on our own. He rose again, to show He is God, in human form. Then He went to Heaven, fully alive!!! It's hard for us to comprehend that! It's something only God could do. He has given us the privelege of receiving forgiveness for our shortcomings. This can only be done by first admitting we have them. We need to recognize we haven't lived a perfect life. Once we do this, we can take on Christ's forgiveness and be FREE!!! God's Word says, "If the SON has set you free, you are FREE Indeed!" (John 8:36). I pray you will take this step today. The bible tells us in 1 John 5:12,"He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life." If we do not receive Christ forgiveness we are destined to spend eternity separated from Him. This is not what He desires for us. He desires that "no one should perish."(2 Peter 3:9). Eternal separation from God is Hell. It is a real place of torment. It was not meant for us. It was meant for Satan and his demons. God wants to restore His relationship with you, but the only way is to "clothe yourself in Jesus Christ" (Galatians 3:27). I can't be shy about my faith anymore. It reveals my lack of belief! I pray that someone will read this and his/her life will be changed eternally. I heard, last week, that in God's eyes, our lives up until this very moment are forever written in pen--unerasable. Our future, however, is written in pencil--easy to erase and correct. What does your future look like? Are you destined for Heaven or Hell? I pray it's the former and not the latter...........I love you, Melissa

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CroppinRobin said...

That was a wonderful post. I feel like I could just copy and paste the Salvation Message you gave and keep it on my 'Page Element' side! Much, much better than the ABC's of salvation.
Love your song selection.