Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My title today should say it all. My kids were pretty good today. Yes, there was the occasional screaming match, but overall, not too bad. Tonight, however, was a totally different ballgame! We got home from church, which is always hectic. I'm trying to get the kids bathed and teeth brushed, diapered, and's always a treat. Tonight, none of the kids were listening. I started yelling to get their attention, which worked. Emily had to be chased around the house several times just so I could brush her teeth. The last time, I stubbed my toe on the door jam. I screamed and said a little something. It was about this time I hear my husband on the phone saying, "I think I should go help my wife." Lauren decided to pretend to be a lion. Lions don't wear underwear, or so she tells me. I said, "This lion will be wearing underwear." She then says,"Mom, this is vawry seweous." It would probably have been really cute an hour before.

We always pray with the kids before bed and Emily is learning. Tonight she couldn't have been cuter. She squinted her eyes and said, "" Out of the mouths of babes.

Dinner was yummy and fairly healthy. Here's a pic for you to enjoy! Melissa


Big Papa said...

Really funny, I bet the toe stub hurt. Been there, done that!
Dinner looked good, when am I invited?

Robin said...

Why do you have over 200 lookie lous????? Are you giving your blog site to strangers on the street?????