Monday, June 25, 2007

Father and Son

I can't think of anything more precious that seeing a father and son spending quality time together. Tonight, Michael and his daddy were outside, working together on our chicken pen. Michael had such a sense of duty about him. He would wheel the garden cart, full of dirt, to a pile and dump it. Then he would wipe the sweat off his brow, just like his dad. It truly warms my heart to see my children have a sense of purpose. Michael was so proud to be helping his daddy. He came inside not too long ago and said, "Mom, can we have some big glasses of water, please? We've been working really hard out there and we're thirsy." That even got my lazy butt up to help!!! I get motivated by the hard work of my boys! I pray that Michael and Eric have many more times to share like this. If there's one thing my husband knows for sure, it's the value of a close relationship with his father. I pray he will pass that passion down through many more generations.......Melissa


Robin said...

What a sweet story. I enjoyed reading the post. My only complaint....where is the photo????

Melissa said...

You can't see it?

Big Papa said...

I love to hear about what Eric is up too and glad to hear that Michael is willing to jump in and help his Dad. Keep up the good work guys! I agree with Robin, each Blog entry needs a picture. Helps us visualize the story!